The Plan: Like In A James Bond Movie, But Possible

Like in a James Bond movie


Ella Ster | November 23 2015

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9/11 is still the major event of all false flag attacks, even though it happened over 14 years ago. For the increasing group that no longer believe the official version of these attacks and realizes it was an ‘inside job’ with the complicity of the Bush government, it is frustrating that the real terrorists still walk around free. Yet this could change in the near future. A growing group within the Pentagon, the American military and other government agencies are in the last phase of preparation to arrest heavyweights like Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, amongst others. This detailed mass arrest plan was exposed for the first time by investigative journalist David Wilcock and whistle-blower Drake Bailey and is referred to as ‘The Plan’.1

However, The Plan includes much more that the arrests of the perpetrators behind 9/11. It also includes the arrest of President Obama and pretty much the entire American government, top bankers, top officials in government agencies like the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, corrupt judges, etc. At first glance the magnitude and implications of The Plan, give the impression of a fantasy story in the category ‘wishful thinking’. But after a closer look into the background of this mass arrest plan, it leads to the conclusion that this is dead serious. This plan is worked out to the smallest details, is prepared with the greatest secrecy and will come to fruition in the near future.

The emergence of The Plan

The group behind The Plan — a number of separate independent groups that collaborate on certain fronts — can be called the Freedom Movement, although there is not one group. Drake Bailey is an important whistle-blower within this Freedom Movement. Drake Bailey is a Vietnam veteran and used to have a top position within the American military. His position included the control of nuclear weapons and very high Security Clearances which gave him access to the most secretive military intel. He is now retired, spokesperson and contact of whistle-blowers within the American army, Pentagon, CIA and many other organisations as well as the US Militias. In 2012 he broke the story that the American military planned to arrest the secret ruling elite. This elite group is also called the Illuminati or Cabal.8 The underlying goal was to bring the Cabal to justice for their grave human rights violations and attacks on the American people and ultimately restore the rule of law.

A much older plan

In the late seventies Drake Bailey got to see a five-inch-thick briefing document, given to him by a military supervisor with a very high rank as well. This document came into existence during the Korea war, when a plan emerged to commit a military coup. During this war army positions and secretly planned attacks by the American army were constantly given away so that their troops were ambushed and many American lives were lost. American generals discovered that they were constantly betrayed and after investigation in turned out it was the UN that betrayed them. Because the UN is expected to be an ally of the US, it turned out that world politics and wars are a lot more shady than it seems at first glance. Corrupt UN members and corrupt American leaders appeared to have a dark agenda that was not in the interest of the American soldiers. American generals that belonged to the Positive Military (honest military that want to protect the American people and are faithful to the Constitution) started to report and document these events.

Furthermore those with a top position within the American military with the highest Security Clearances, gained an insight into the dark plans that the Cabal8 had for America and the rest of the world. The Cabal strives for world dominance and a New World Order (NWO). Aggressive foreign politics and constant initiation of new wars — legitimate or not — was an integral part of their tactics. Step by step America was brought closer to a dictatorship by it’s domestic policy. The freedom loving American people, attached to the constitutional right to posses arms, was a threat to the dark agenda of the NWO. Military leaders knew about the plans to eliminate rebellious citizens. They knew about the concentration camps in the US, the so called FEMA camps7; the refugee centres that were secretly transformed into destruction centres. According to the Positive Military it went way too far and totally into the wrong direction.

All this was the reason for The Plan. The Positive Military conspired in the greatest secrecy against the conspiracy of the Cabal. It was clear for the Positive Military that an intervention was needed to prevent that the Cabal’s sinister plans8 would ever come to fruition. However there was no consensus about the manner in which this would have to be executed. 9/11 worked as a catalyst that emphasized the necessity and urgency of The Plan. Thereafter the planned mass arrests of the Cabal gained more and more support amongst an increasing group.

In the past decades the outline of The Plan1 has remained broadly intact, although the plan for a military coup is no longer on the agenda. The Plan currently on the table includes the installation of a transitional government and keeping the democracy intact. The objective is to have new elections as soon as possible. The arrests are entirely legal and will be executed according to the strict sense of the law.

Legal grounds

After 9/11 the Patriot Act got implemented, so-called to protect the American people, but this emergency legislation is a step closer to the control state that changes the US step by step into a dictatorship. (See text inset). According to experts this legislation is almost identical to the Nazi constitution that was implemented during the Second World War. In any case the Patriot Act is in conflict with the American Constitution and a form of high treason. As a result politicians and clerks that have voted for, or supported the Patriot Act, can be arrested for high treason. It could mean the death penalty and this also applies to Obama. That they are dead serious about this becomes evident in the Mandamus2 written by the National Liberty Alliance3, a legal indictment of high treason and sent out to all State Courts on June 6th 2015. This Mandamus2, exposes the conspiracy to overthrow the government of The People and is a legal document to inform and educate all oath keepers. With this command, sheriffs and US Marshals, are given the mandate to arrest those responsible and complicit in high treason.

This Mandamus was also sent out to: all US Congress members and US Senators, all Assemblymen, Senators and Governors of all 50 States, all County Sheriffs, Federal Special Agent in Charge, US Marshals, Joint Chiefs of Staff and the State Militia. More than ten thousand copies were sent out to inform everyone of this indictment. This way the document can not be swept under the carpet and people can not claim “not to have known” later on.

Quote on the first page of the Mandamus2:

“This is a matter of national security and it is expected that the recipients, being oath-takers read and understand the nature and gravity of the contents of these papers. […] All respondents took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution and therefore should understand these documents; if not learn or resign your post.”

This prevents any defence later on that people did not understand the full extend of this legal document and therefore did not take the appropriate action.


See link for the full text of this Mandamus2.


The Patriot Act: from democracy to dictatorship

Quotes and some key points from the Mandamus of National Liberty Alliance:

430 “Congress under the color of law granted government spying on the People, empowers the government to deploy unwarranted “dragnets” for massive amounts of information on private citizens, (Patriot Act, 2001) in violation of Amendment IV. Why?”

435 “Congress under the color of law granted authorization for government to indefinitely detain American citizens/nationals without probable cause, without warrant, without charges and without due process in law, (National Defense Authorization Act, 2014) in violation of Amendment V. Why?”

445 “The Administration under the color of law has prepared Martial law, including:

  • The removal of all property rights;
  • Seizure of all communications media in the US;
  • Seizure of all electric power, fuels and minerals both public & private;
  • Seizure of all food supplies and resources, both public and private and all farms and equipment, including what people are storing for emergencies in their homes;
  • Seizure of all means of transportation, including cars, trucks, or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports and water ways.

(Executive order #100 & #10995 – #11005) Why?”


455 “The Administration under the color of law has prepared for the seizure of the American people for work forces under federal supervision, including the splitting up of families if the government so desires (this happened before in Europe during the Nazi regime) (Executive order #11000). Why?”


475 “The Administration under the color of law has given FEMA complete authorization to put above said orders into effect in times of increased international tension of economic or financial crisis in case of any declared “National Emergency” (Executive order #11051).”

Furthermore: “Army field manuals specify the command and control related to the running of the FEMA camps would be conducted by foreign troops.” Why?


An indictment of the American government

The Mandamus also contains the following claims:

“The Department of Homeland Security has obtained 2,2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers. The question must be asked who is the Department of Homeland Security preparing to fight? This nonmilitary army could only be used for one thing, the suppression of the American people.”

Foreign superpowers with questionable interests ‘buy’ the American elections.

ISIS and Al Qaeda are American creations.

“The American government is subservient tot a world wide criminal organization” [a referral to Israel’s control of the US].


Jade Helm, preparations for Martial law? 7

A large scale military exercise took place in all states of the US last summer, by the name of Jade Helm 15. As this exercise could be a preparation for Martial law7 it was closely monitored by the Freedom Movement and all military movements were thoroughly documented. It was assessed that approximately 600,000 foreign troops are on American soil, including UN troops and this is completely in opposition to the constitution. Furthermore through the documented reports made by American generals from the time of the Korean war, they can proof that the UN is an enemy of the United States. With their presence on American soil, the US is thereby occupied by a foreign occupier and gives law enforcement the legitimacy to overthrow the current government.


Nation States Project 6

Embedded in the American Constitution is the right for each state to declare itself independent of the United States when there is an internal or external threat. This was the starting point for the Nation States Project6, through which all fifty states have now declared themselves independent of the United States Incorporated and broke the Union. This project was executed at the request of the Pentagon.

The necessary paperwork had to be delivered to an international acknowledged legal institute and therefore all 50 states sent their documents to the civil division of the International Court in The Hague. This does not comprise a lawsuit with a court ruling, but is a notification procedure, where the proof of delivery is sufficient. After this notification was published the nation state was a fact. Right now all 50 states have followed this procedure and are independent sovereign nation states since April 2012. This gave them the legal authority to redeclare the Declaration of Independence and reaffirm the Constitution as the lawful basis.

Washington DC was always an independent City State, just like Vatican City and the City of London. It is a nation within a nation with it’s own international laws, published as DC Statutes. It also has it’s own legal system, while (according to the National Liberty Alliance) it would have to operate under the Common Law.10 In the Mandamus the Washington DC government is identified as an oligarchy that does not operate in the interest op the American people and is guilty of conspiring against We The People.

White Hats

However, The Plan entails a lot more than the arrests of political leaders in Washington DC. Various White Hats4 in government services and the Positive Military have been working for years to collect evidence of the crimes and large scale fraud committed by top officials and bankers. These White Hats4 are regular employees in government agencies like the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. The Cabal does not know who they are and which people are secretly working towards the arrest of their superiors. Everyone knows Snowden by now and the vast amount of documents he leaked. According to investigative journalist David Wilcock the Snowden leaks were the result of a collaboration of at least 15 employees within the CIA and NSA. It was a carefully coordinated collaboration of White Hats and certainly not a solo operation.

70% within the military is now supporting The Plan and this number is growing. Also military leaders in high positions are supporting The Plan. Even the generals that were fired — for example because they prevented a false flag attack of the magnitude of 9/11 or worse — are still handing out the orders behind the scenes. Furthermore everyone in government service, and particularly those who have taken an oath, are increasingly put under pressure to choose the right side, in order to prevent that their name ends up on the arrest list as well.

Execution of The Plan

Everyone is now waiting for the green light and according to Drake Bailey crucial key figures are now stationed in the right position. The group behind The Plan does not provide a date when these mass arrests will take place. For all we know it might take another year, but can also happen next week.

With the nearing financial deadline, end of this year might very well become a very exciting period.

Early November the debt ceiling was raised from $18.1 trillion to $ 19.6 trillion. That is just the national debt. The total debt in the US (national and international debt) is about 60 trillion dollars.9 That is about $190,000 per American citizen and can never be repaid.

Nevertheless the short-term budget and debt issues need to be resolved by December 11th to keep the government operational.13 If by that time not enough money can be borrowed, this could lead to a very serious situation. A huge financial crisis is imminent. According to different insiders the gold reserves are plundered. The Federal Reserve Bank is bankrupt. Various countries have, sometimes in vain, requested their gold reserves to be sent back. There is less and less trust in the Federal Reserve.

Obama recently signed a ‘long term budget bill’ in order to buy time and push forward the budget deficit issues. According to Drake this will not prevent the depletion of public funds by mid December and could force the American government into a default. If the US can no longer borrow money, the government will shut down. This might very well be the trigger that they are waiting for.4

This will happen according to The Plan:

  1. The country will be clamped down. No more air traffic to prohibit the elite to flee to safe havens abroad. There are even plans to shut down all (international) communication, including phone and internet.
  1. The Positive Military within the US army and US Marshals arrest all corrupt government officials, civil servants and bankers. The plan is to detain them in the FEMA camps until they are brought to trial.
  1. The military will notify sheriffs and the state militias, amongst others, so they can assist in guarding the infrastructure and public utilities, to prevent any form of sabotage.
  1. Legally the country falls back to the American Constitution and the Declaration of Independence from 1787, although a rewritten and contemporary version is in the making. All other statutes will be nullified. (This is lawful because the states are sovereign)11
  1. There will be a temporary skeleton federal government until new elections are called for. Policy will be based on the Golden Rule.

Sources of Drake Bailey and investigative journalist Benjamin Fulford claim that the recently closed Walmart stores are set up as food distribution centers12. During the military exercise Jade Helm 15, a significant amount of military vehicles were detected around these suddenly closed down department stores.14 Despite all kinds of precautionary measures temporary shortages and inconveniences may occur. For that reason the Freedom Movement advises everyone to keep a supply of water, food and some cash sufficient for 2 to 4 weeks.

Additionally, community preparedness teams are being assembled by local oath keepers. These teams will assist with medical care, safety, technical preparedness and communication. It is important that the right story is told, so there will be no panic or anarchy.

Implications for Europe and the rest of the world

If The Plan actually will be executed as outlined above, it will have major consequences for Europe and the rest of the world. According to Drake Bailey it will be mainly an inspiration for comparable initiatives that are being secretly prepared in at least 20 countries. In these countries is also being worked towards a similar approach to bring the corruption within governments and the banking industry to a halt. Eyes are focused on the US, but the expectation is that similar actions are taken in their own country. According to Drake’s sources Interpol is secretly involved in this.

An important characteristic of this ‘revolution’ is that it will not be televised. Only after the Main Stream Media will be back in the hands of honest and independent journalists, will the revolution be broadcast. The Freedom Movement therefore depends on publications by the new media, such as alternative news blogs, internet radio and You-tube. Drake Bailey’s blog weekly internet radio-show Cosmic Voice5 ( and Facebook group (, are means used to mobilize and inform people.

The large media channels, like television and national newspapers are all owned by a small group of ultra rich oligarchs. They belong to the Illuminati, the Cabal8, who’s names are on top of the arrest list. These are the powers behind the central banks, the large scale financial fraud, the enormous international debt-crisis and the financial powers behind wars. They have no interest to awake sleeping dogs. The people might get ideas to mobilize and bring justice to this elite group that appears to be ‘above the law.’

If these mass arrests do take place this will be the most significant event in world history. It will be extremely meaningful in the positive sense of the word.

Links and footnotes:


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  • David Wilcock – The plan to take down the illuminati

David Wilcock interviews Drake Bailey that told about The Plan for the first time.

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10      Common Law predates Admiralty law


Common Law predates Admiralty law (which is the corporate “law,” legal fiction “law” and under the UCC Code), which is the basis of all the current statutes, regulations, etc., that currently “govern” the US.

It’s all color of law, which means that it’s a mere imitation, an imposture of the Substantive Law that is the Organic Constitution for the United States of America, as Lawfully amended.


Color of law has its origins in Common Law, but it does not operate within the Common Law.


Common Law is like clear water; color of law is like petro oil — the former supports life, the latter destroys. Note that I underlined “for” above. The two links below will explain why I underlined the “for”: — This is the Organic Constitution of 1787, as Lawfully Amended. — The corporate version. “Of” means “owned” by the “United States” that is a corporation that was incorporated in 1871. This corporation functions outside of the Common Law and entirely within the color-of-law system. The current US “government” is NOT YOUR government!

This is explained very well by this link:]


11      Common Law in sovereign states of America


The value of the Notification Process is that it is recognized by an existing legal authority — the International Court of Justice in the Hague — hence any color-of-law authority automatically has no standing, no power of law over anything within Common Law.

Color-of-law is inferior to Common Law, because Common Law is real and substantive by being based on the land, the will of the People, the Organic Constitution and being in a group of sovereign nation-states united by a Declaration of Independence.






14      Military vehicles near closed Walmart stores



Source: The Plan: Are You Ready? | Starship Earth: The Big Picture



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