Sustain The World As You Sustain Yourself


We believe that by decentralizing the power in modern society, the individual will be able to sustain his/herself in the community and in the world.

The 7 levels

The way individuals and society relate to the world internally and externally, can be defined within 7 levels of communication and growth.  The process starts from the individual and his/her relationships in a family, social, and work level.  The process ends with the individual and his/her relationship to the world at the national and global level.

The latter levels are essential as it is here where individuals risk losing or forgetting their core values and, therefore, generating confusion.  The goal of a sustainable society is the decentralization of power by organizing itself on all seven levels of communication and maintaining, at the same time, transparency in the information presented through all media globally.

Sustainable Media for a Sustainable Society

It is our belief, that with a single repeated action, each of us has the possibility to change the reality in the closest world around us, and consequently, that of a greater world.  This is the world that many say, want to change. Each one of us, consequently, can potentially commit to raise the levels of well-being and wealth, emotionally and physically, both for ourselves on an individual level, as well as for the whole society around us by starting at home, at the work place, at the community, etc.

Our purpose is to share and divulge information commonly ignored by traditional media, and to reverse the trend to spread news that have been manipulated, misled, misrepresented or of negative significance. We believe we must maintain communication and information at the local level when it comes to choices related to areas such as health, nutrition, food distribution, agriculture, economy, monetary and banking systems, social policy, education, and cultural tradition, and strive to maintain the wealth of values ​​and wisdom already discovered and assimilated by ancient civilizations.

Our mission

Sustainable Media’s goal is to produce and distribute a wealth of projects and products of sustainable nature though  information, knowledge, experience, tradition, and ideas that aim to reach out to the individual and his/her community.

A socially sustainable approach will lead to an acceleration of our evolutionary leap, of which many often talk about without knowing exactly how to accomplish it. By aiming to achieve the highest level of individual and social growth, we can help transform the current paradigm. From the beginning of time, humans were designed to live in prosperity and abundance without discrimination of race, religion, or social status, and without any exploitation from the central powers across the globe.