Why Brexit Out Vote Is Good News

Brexit won. Great Britain people have chosen to leave Europe and this is a historical change.

by Michele Lastella, Sustainable Media

Updated 12:57 PM ET, Fri June 24, 2016

Today is a great day. Sustainable Media’s Official Facebook Page begins its journey and this is the first official post on it.
Two days ago we said that was too obvious that Great Britain after all the blackmail and threats received from UK and European Union Governments was going to vote for IN. We were wrong, ‘Out of Europe’ vote won. We didn’t imagine how tired population was and how possible was to take the control of a fixing votes deception. Chapeau to all British citizens, and respect to their sovereignty.
What can happen now, and why is a positive news for long term period for planet population?
1. First 6 months/1 year will be though for Europe, UK, and USA citizens, in other words for all the western world.
2. The Sterling is 10% down today and so Banks and Corporations that have business exchanges with UK will see their operations affected and then upset for a while, so it is possible to see tension, market stress and other possible threats and/or false flag as terrorist attacks to block new countries willing to leave Europe etc
3. After this news, many other countries would be more encouraged to move out and to believing more in themselves as sovereign population.
4. After this first period, all the markets and  the international general actions will be steady again. UK will be super-strong more than before and all the countries that will be out of USA and Europe’s Old Alliance Corporations Pact will thrive.
This is the beginning of the end and a preparation for the beginning of a new era of the western world.



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