The Eternal Oneness Is Within The Universal Mind

Eternal Oneness, The Way To Be Connected With The Universe

The Human mind knows and sees only  his individual mind whereas there is only One Universal mind which is omnipresent. The Individual  Human mind makes a man think he is a separated entity whereas the truth is we are  individually infinite trapped in one Universal mind, maintaining a unique individual persona with egocentric Image. The individual mind has many personalities to play and the Universal mind has oneness which holds all individual minds in its womb which transcends time and space. The Universal mind holds the Cosmic intelligence and is waiting for every individual mind to open up itself so that it can pour the nectar of awareness of infinite possibilities to enter individual mind which only limits itself by being a prisoner making himself a prison in his own mind and differentiates from one another.

That is why when you close your eyes you can see the entire Universe at one single point within you and that is how you can tap into the Cosmic mind which Unites us from within. To Tap into that Cosmic mind, one has to go through silence to  reach silence, transcending the individual mind. Here you experience yourself as a Light being, a being when is independent and is liberated  from all the attachments still has a Universal connection with the entire Cosmos. One sees the stars and the moon, the entire Galaxy in stillness within  in silent conversation with each other as if quietly sharing secrets, sending love notes to one another and if you open up yourself bit more, you can get a glimpse that entire Cosmos is  actually in love, in bliss and making love with each other. The stars and the planets are not attached to one another, there is a gap between them, but still they tease each other by twinkling, by the glimpse of Light and Shadow and there is oneness among them.

It’s true, I have seen and experienced the entire Galaxy within me many times in my deep meditation as if I was in a planetarium staring and gazing at the stars, the planets and the constellations around me, listening to their eternal old stories in silence I smile at them and they twinkle bit more filling my heart with Universal love. I shy away as if a lover’s eyes have pierced through me and had a great impact touching my soul.

Yes, you can touch the soul of every being on this planet who are within your reach inner side and also out there, who are not by just looking through your inner eye and with your feelings. Our Soul is Clairvoyant and Clairsentient. It can see the unseen and feel a touch which has no physical existence near you.

Suddenly there was a feeling as I felt the breeze of the air touching my skin at the bank of the sea in the midnight, that this planet is such a friendly place to live in, as if the Entire Universe responds to you so sweetly and touches you deeply. It’s so pleasant. Make a habit of connecting with people touching their soul, being compassionate and communicate with the Earth as well as with the Sky, with the Spirit of the Universe and the Universal Cosmic mind, if you want any help and support to bring solution to any issues related to Global issues to your own. Wait for the answer and you will see how it unfolds. It’s about Universal Love how you want to convey and they will convey you back that way.

The Planet we live in always knows how to balance everything. One side if there is a terrorist attack, sickness, ignorance, hunger and other side someone aspires and is manifesting the best stylish weapons or technologies to kill or destroy, to be a doctor, to be a guide or an Enlightened teacher. So which manifestations are all these? The Human Soul and mind itself have to experience different experiences for its own individual growth and evolution, which is again beyond our 3rd-dimensional understanding.

Nature is doing its own job by keeping  everything in balance.

So if you want to change the world where we live in as a huge big family, the journey starts from within you which transcends the individual mind to Universal mind. First you have to balance yourself, keep yourself in good health and reach a body which is a Cosmic Body which radiates and anchors Light and Love naturally. As you become Love and Light anything you touch becomes Sacred. Your individual desire and ego will merge with the Universal Desire and Ego, which is called Unity Consciousness and then you will effortlessly see the being within yourself, here on this planet for Higher purpose. You will display natural desire to make the planet better as a Sustainable place to live in with peace and harmony.  Remember your inner Divine Force moves ahead of you to make things happen for the individual purpose or it can be for Universal good. All depends  on your intention, the World is listening to all your intentions.

Throughout the whole human existence on this planet, we have seen mankind have already risen to higher dimension than previous times. Now is the right time to look beyond all individual scarcity and to be One whole with Unity Consciousness among all diversities to solve major issues of the World, majorly people suffering from natural calamities and dying out of hunger as well as sickness as they get  premature death. If this issues can be solved through Organic food and herbal medicines which is easily available in nature, then the major part can be solved. The educational part needs to be taken care of majorly where for children who can’t afford higher education, it should be easily accessible through a net in villages like urban areas equally. This way the Population will also decrease down in rural areas of many underdeveloped countries by educating them. Unnecessary production of Human on this planet is also another major cause of natural calamities as it brings pollution to nature.

By the way this information I channeled from the universal inspiration that all of us can reach out. It is up to you now to connect with it.

Source: Kristna Saikia



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