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Take a look at the world. This is our broken society. How many of us live the lives we want?  How many are just surviving? We are all connected, and if this is just me, my journey, and what I do to transform negative into positive, it means that I affect you and you affect me with every choice we make: our culture, our discoveries, our roots, our spirituality, our adventures, our happiness, our thoughts, our expectations, our knowledge, our health.

We are all one. Everything is related. I am nothing without you, and you are nothing without me if we don’t share it with each other to build a better world. With no separation, no duality, but with the recognition of each other, of the earth, its soil, its products, its diversity, and the power of our choices to live well, to protect other species, to feed our mind, our soul, and our body, in a sustainable world inspired by humanity.

We are all connected, and our choices affect the world, the future generations, their everyday lives, the way they’ll see the world, and what we have left for them. Let’s create an evolved society, where there is no fear. Where love is our best weapon, and food is our best medicine. A truly sustainable society, were WE are the leaders, and we work together to thrive, enjoying what we have, what we do, and who we are.

It’s our time. Let’s continue this journey together. As one.

Michele Lastella
Sustainable Society



About The Author

Sustainable.Media proposes transparency and truth in media, health, science, politics, and agriculture. We empower communities to detoxify mind, body, and spirit through information, knowledge, and innovation, with the purpose of inspiring and empowering a more sustainable evolution of humanity. It encourages every individual, community, group, and organization to break the status quo through transparency and social good.

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  1. Edna Furburger

    You’re left with the impression that all this guy really cares about is getting his pretty picture taken. The narcissism pretty much kills any other message that’s intended. It’s a shame.

    1. SustainableMedia

      You are the first one that said that, Edna. Most of the people were focus on the message without being affected by any other issues. We are sorry that you had that impression. Many big Guides and Masters use to say that everything is projection and who know if you projected that your inner feeling as a mirror in what you were watching. The Relativity is pretty much something like this too. Thank you Edna for your comment anyway and we will objectively follow you since know. Ad maiora.


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