Hillary Clinton’s ‘Corrupt’ Policy – Oliver Stone Is ‘Praying For Sanders’

Hillary Clinton and the dangerous affiliation

Academy Award-winning movie director Oliver Stone criticized former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for contributing to almost every major conflict of recent decades and for refusing to accept the fact that “the Cold War” era is over.

Mr. Stone spoke in support of Bernie Sanders, U S Senator and Democratic candidate for President of the United States, arguing that he is the one who will not involve the USA in more wars, but will instead focus on dealing with internal problems.


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Although the Oscar-winning director admitted results in the prmaries campaign to date favour Clinton, he denounced the front-runner’s ‘corrupt’ policy.


“He [Sanders] is the only one who has raised his voice against the corruption in our politics,” Mr. Stone asserted. “Clinton has embraced this corruption.”

He added that Clinton’s presidency would bring peace and prosperity, citing the ex-Secretary of State’s unflattering record which includes supporting multiple conflicts like “the barbaric ‘contras'” against the Nicaraguan people in the 1980s, bombing of the former Yugoslavia in 1999, the never-ending Iraq War, the “Afghan mess”, “the destruction of the secular state of Libya” and most recently the failed attempt attempt at “regime change” in Syria.


Hillary Clinton email controversy

The Hillary Clinton email controversy began in March 2015, when it became widely known that Hillary Clinton, during her tenure as United States Secretary

“Every one of these situations has resulted in more extremism, more chaos in the world, and more danger to our country,” he warned.


The top director went on criticizing Clinton’s Cold War-era mindset which focuses on a “NATO-domination of the universe” an only further promotes war.

“Clinton has been brainwashed by the neoconservatives to believe it’s about ‘Russian aggression’ when it’s the United States that’s ensuring the greatest build-up on the European borders of Russia since Hitler did it in World War II,” Stone wrote.



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Oliver Stone is famed for movies that deal with acute political topics with different US Presidents as main characters. In 2014 he announced that he wants to make a documentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Source: ‘I Pray for Sanders’ – Oliver Stone Condemns Clinton’s ‘Corrupt’ Policy – Science AC






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