Death Of Doctors That Come Out Against The Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry Has Spy Stories?


This is a research regarding Doctors that are bringing out the truth regarding the pharmaceutical industry.  First Dr. Andrew Moulden, and now James Jeffrey “Jeff” Bradstreet, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, Dr. Boyd Graves, and Dr. Bruce Hedendal, Boca Raton Florida Chiropractor, of Alternative to Medicine Boca Center For Chiropractic & Functional Medicine.

These doctors join the list of alternative medical practitioners & researchers who have defied the code of silence & blind faith surrounding the Vaccine Industry, and paid the highest price for that virtuous commitment to the truth.  Who will be next to suddenly die under mysterious circumstances?

James Jeffrey “Jeff” Bradstreet (July 6, 1954 – June 19, 2015), was an American autism researcher and former Christian preacher who ran the International Child Development Resource Center in Melbourne, Florida.  

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was trying to treat and heal children with autism disorder, and brought information to light regarding the vaccine industry. He did not commit suicide. He was suicided by the pharmaceutical industry, because he brought out so much damning information against the pharmaceutical vaccine industry that they bumped him off, just like many others we know.

They are trying to make it out to be a suicide, which it was not, and then on the next breath they say, “Bradstreet’s body was sent to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for an autopsy on Wednesday. The case remains under investigation.” I hope they keep it under investigation, because this doctor was murdered for speaking out against the pharmaceutical industry for injuring all of these children he was trying to save.

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When I heard he died, I had a feeling he was bumped off by the pharmaceutical industry. The war has just begun, and it is going to be a war. Look at all the scientists they were afraid of being exposed that were suicided and died under suspicious circumstances. Look at the number of the banksters that were suicided last year. The truth is coming out, and united we stand, and some heads need to roll, and these people are going to prison.

Education and career

Bradstreet has held a Florida medical license since 1984. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Florida in 1976 in Natural Sciences, where he also went to medical school beginning three years later. His postgraduate research focused on aerospace medicine, and received his training in this field from Wilford Hall Medical Center. He is currently an adjunct professor of child development and neuroscience at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

Vaccines and autism

Bradstreet has published some controversial autism research, which implicates vaccines in the causation thereof, in the fringe journal Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, which is not indexed by PubMed. This research has concluded that autistic children have a higher body burden of mercury, as well as that three autistic children have measles virus RNA in their cerebrospinal fluid.

This research was originally presented to the Institute of Medicine before they published their report concluding that the evidence favors rejection of a relationship between vaccines and autism.

Bradstreet treated an autistic child named Colten Snyder (who was one of the test cases in the autism omnibus trial) with chelation therapy. This he did in spite of the fact that, according to Denise Vowell, “The April 29, 2000 hair test for mercury demonstrated a low level of mercury in Colten’s hair, but one within the reference range of normal for the laboratory, and one well below the 90th percentile for U.S. children ages six to eight.” In addition, Vowell stated, “The more disturbing question is why chelation was performed at all, in view of the normal levels of mercury found in the hair, blood and urine, its apparent lack of efficacy in treating Colten’s symptoms, and the adverse side effects it apparently caused.”

Over an eight-year period, Colten visited Bradstreet’s office 160 times. Stephen Barrett has stated, “It appears to me that Bradstreet decides which of his nonstandard theories to apply and records diagnoses that embody them,” and describes Bradstreet’s mercury provoked tests as “phony”.
His son has autism, which Bradstreet attributes to a reaction he experienced to a vaccine at the age of 15 months.

Alternative autism therapies

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Bradstreet defended the use of intravenous immunoglobulin as an autism treatment, saying, “Every kid with autism should have a trial of IVIG if money was not an option and IVIG was abundant.” Bradstreet has also published some research regarding the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism, some of which has concluded that it is ineffective, as well as a paper arguing that autistic children have an increased vulnerability to oxidative stress. Further treatments Bradstreet frequently uses on autistic children include Gc-MAF, which he claims to have treated 600 children with.

In an article in Autism Science Digest, Bradstreet endorsed stem cell therapy as an autism treatment, writing, “By natural design, the purpose of stem cells in the brain is regulation, healing, and repair. Biologically, therefore, stem cells appear to be better suited to heal the brain than any other current therapy. No matter how challenging the task of repairing the brain may appear to be, case reports have built an argument for supporting the reversibility of autism using immunological interventions:

A colleague of Dr. Moulden who wishes to remain anonymous reported to Health Impact News that he/she had contact with him two weeks before he died in 2013. Dr. Moulden told our source and a small number of trusted colleagues in October of 2013 that he was about to break his silence and would be releasing new information that would be a major challenge to the vaccine business of big pharma. He was ready to come back. Even though he had been silent, he had never stopped his research. 
Then, two weeks later, Dr. Moulden suddenly died.
Dr. Moulden was about to release a body of research and treatments, which could have destroyed the vaccine model of disease management, destroyed a major source of funding for the pharmaceutical industry, and at the same time seriously damaged the foundation of the germ theory of disease:

Dec 25, 2014 -December 23, 2014 – The Robert Scott Bell Show

Dr. Mayer Eisenstein has been a friend to those who cherish health freedom, healing liberty and the right to say no to vaccines. He bubbled over with love, joy and gratitude. 

For those of us left behind, we shall endeavor to carry on with mission and purpose, protecting those most vulnerable from the dangerous lies perpetrated by the AMA, CDC, FDA, WHO, AAP and any other group who deems it legitimate to experiment on babies and children with toxic poisons under the guise of protecting them.
Source: Gail L. Fitches



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