Belgian MP Denounces Secret Services To Be Involved In The Brussels Attacks

Brussels Attacks Affair.

Belgian MP Laurent Louis statement on his Official Facebook Page.

” In these dark days for Belgium, I would like to extend my support and condolence to the victim’s families of Brussels bombings . After the domestic airport, the Brussels metro has just been hit by deadly attacks. The situation is serious and it is important to call on all citizens to calm. Of course, radical Islam will once again blamed for the attacks presented as a revenge after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam in Molenbeek last weekend.

However, how could we ignore the responsibility of the Belgian Government in these horrific acts perpetrated on Tuesday in our capital? Of two things, either our security services are incompetent and unable to protect such sensitive areas as the national airport and the Brussels metro network, either it is these services that are at the origin of the attacks.

Given the current situation, given the level of alert, it is inconceivable that individuals are able to enter the subway or in the national airport with bombs and detonate them there. I can not imagine that our intelligence services and our security services are failing to be unable to effectively protect of such importance places.

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As you know, I’ve never hidden that I thought the attacks perpetrated in the United States and Europe since September 11, 2001 attacks were under false flags, attacks attributed to Islamist terrorist organizations but in reality perpetrated by our governments to serve political and economic interests with a backdrop destabilizing the Arab world, the development of Islamophobia in the world, the realization of the project of Greater Israel and ultimately the establishment of a new world order imposing a world government limiting our fundamental rights and freedoms in the name of the fight against this terrorism created by those who, in the shadows, pulling the strings of world politics.

Laurent Louis — Wikipédia

Laurent Louis, né le 29 février 1980 à Nivelles, est un homme politique belge. Il devient en 2010 député fédéral belge à la suite de son élection sur la liste du …

When security measures are known that are being implemented in the country, when we see that an attack has just happened in a subway station just below the headquarters of the CD & V, the party of the Minister of Justice, when one sees the supervision to which all citizens (mostly Arabs) are currently subject, it is difficult to believe that such attacks can be committed without the assistance or complicity of the Belgian authorities.

As results of these Brussels attacks, and because it is intolerable that such events to occur in our country, in the best locations and at a time when terrorist alert levels are highest, I request on behalf of the Movement Debout Les Belges, the resignation of the Minister of Interior in January Ham, the Minister of Justice Koen Geens and Prime Minister Charles Michel. Either these ministers are incompetent or they are complicit but they have in any case demonstrated that they had no place in government.”

Source: En ce jour sombre pour la Belgique, je tiens à… – Laurent LOUIS – Debout Les Belges officiel



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