Social Ranking

What it is.

We are the first to present a sustainable and global and revolutionary ranking system that builds transparency in the actions of an individual, institution, government, association, or private entity.

Its Purpose.

Sustainable Society’s Ranking is a Global Community Guide that encourages the decentralization of power and the organization of our Society based on 7 levels of growth. The guide is a ranking system built to encourage the improvement of people’s lives through their actions and by influencing the way mainstream media spreads information today.


The goal is to increase these 7 levels of social development: Transparency, Meritocracy, Social Sustainability, Inspiration, Efficiency, Financial Growth, Evolution. And all of this in terms of high values, where the focus relies on how an individual, or a group of individuals are treated. We have defined the system as a Social Ranking Network, which verifies the level of growth and development of each individual, public agency, or company, in the community they live in.

The Ranking System is currently being developed.  We will announce its launch shortly.

How to be part of the Community.

Sign up here to be part of Sustainable Society.  We need your support to develop a cleaner social system and achieve an exciting future for all of us.