Our Goal.

Our purpose is to create a media alliance between Europe, Americas and Asia that encourages and empowers sustainable investments for film and media. The Alliance’s goal is to create a community of Investors / Deal makers and Creators / Producers, and give opportunities to increase supply and demand for media projects and their creators.


In today’s media, there is an ongoing state of misinformation that has been created to confuse individuals and societies for specific corporate and financial benefit.  These industries include pharmaceuticals, banking, military, publishing, energy, insurance, health, and food production. Through the dissemination misleading contents, news of negative character, and often manipulated, scientific research, powerful corporations look to establish social confusion.


Our Approach.

A sustainable community shares, produces, and distributes content of an unbiased, unfiltered, neutral, and positive nature that supports and empowers the interests of every member of the community instead of the large corporations. We plan to produce together solutions that help improve major issues affecting the living conditions of the world’s population.

Starting from the local level, our goal is to develop a platform of knowledge exchange empowered by creative and organizational excellence, where without any discrimination, everyone can create, produce and distribute projects and ideas, while supporting each other, reducing costs, and improving the level of well-being of everyone.


How We Do It

Sustainable Finance and Film Funding

Profitable Sustainable Investment